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                      Puppy Tumbleweed


Mello and Tumbleweed Cavoodle pup




I have been breeding and training dogs all my life. It started as a child. My Mum and Dad trained and bred kelpies, I learnt so much from them. I transitioned to toy poodles when my daughter had severe allergies to most animals. She loved dogs so after a lot of research we got her a beautiful toy poodle Rose whom she did not react to.

I realised very quickly how trainable, gentle and intelligent toy poodles are, so I trained Rose to help out with the chickens. She very quickly learnt basic commands and was willing to please.


A year later we welcomed Rusty a red tiny toy poodle who was gorgeous in every way. Rusty is our chicken guard dog, If he hears anything abnormal around the chicken yard at night, he runs down and checks it out. We have never had a fox attack due to his good guarding and diligence.

Since then I have carefully researched and welcomed more toy poodles to our home and last year we welcomed our first gorgeous King Charles Cavalier. Our new Sire Tumbleweed is a rare mahogany red teacup sized toy poodles who comes from an imported (USA) sire. He is super healthy and full of energy.

We occasional have puppies available. I only breed for health and temperament and the puppies are loved and cared for to. I am a full member of MDBA and abide by their high ethics in breeding the best pet toy poodles and cavoodles/theodores available. I am vet audited yearly, where a qualified canine vet inspects my entire property and administration to make sure I conform with the breeders code of practice.


All my dogs have been DNA tested for Pattern A Parents (Both Sire and Dam) which is Clear/Normal for prcd PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) (Hereditary blindness). As of 2017 all new sires and dams will be DNA tested for another 6 common genetic diseases including von Willebrand's Disease, Mucopolysaccharidosis VI, Gangliosidosis GM2 (HEX B), Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (prcd), Degenerative Myelopathy, plus a full genetic finger print and colour Locus.


Before leaving all puppies are Immunized, wormed, microchipped, and vet checked. They will also have been very well socialised with my 3 children and adults.

If you are interested in a toy poodle puppy please contact me on the number below. I often have a waiting list especially for the teacup sized red toy poodles.


Text: Annette on 0400 926 278


Scarlett and Tumbleweeds pup

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Honey and Tumbleweed Cavoodle pup


Bailey from Willow and Tumbleweed.


   Willow's puppy all grown up


 Ringo from Honey and Tumbleweed

Rose, Scarlett and Willow
Rose and Rusty
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